Self Storage Tips

Self Storage Tips

Self storage units can be an absolute godsend in a wide range of situations, from moving homes to commercial storage needs. No matter why you need one of our secure self storage units, there are a few tips we can share with you to help you get the most from your unit.

How to open a storage container

We give all our new storage customers a demonstration of how to open their container doors.  However it can take a while to get used to opening the doors, so we have put together a "step-by-step-guide".  Or Click here to view a short video "how to open and close a container door"

Important Tips for Opening and Closing Shipping Container Doors    

  1. You must always start with the right door first when opening the doors. If you try to open the left door first, the doors will not release.
  2. Do not try to open both doors at the same time or they will get trapped.

Tips for Unit Organisation

For the best self storage experience, go in with a plan. If you approach your unit trying to load miscellaneous boxes as quickly as you can, you will suffer when it’s time to retrieve or organise your items at a later date. Here are our top tips to stay organised:

  • Sort by category.
  • Pack boxes strategically.
  • Clearly label each box.
  • Take inventory.
  • Place important items in an accessible spot.
  • Create a pathway to walk within your unit.

Tips to Protect Your Items

An organised unit is useless if your items are not properly packaged and protected. Certain items, such as clothing, electronics or furniture, require specific care. These tips can help protect your belongings:

  • Use breathable materials such as cardboard for storage so that moisture isn’t trapped.
  • If packing heavy materials into boxes, choose a smaller box.
  • Securely close each box.
  • Remove batteries from electronics.
  • We recommend that you do not store white goods such as fridges and washing machines. However, if you cannot avoid putting them into the storage unit you should drain any water from them and use moisture traps.  We sell Moisture absorbing poles, which are specifically designed for use in shipping containers.
  • Use mattress covers to keep mattresses and box springs dust-free. (We have them in all sizes). Or you can use 2 fitted sheets to cover the top and bottom to keep the dust away.
  • Leave a small space between the walls and your boxes. It prevents mould and allows for ventilation
  • While most items you store will be temperature resistant, be cautious with very sensitive items like electronics. Freezing temperatures can affect electronics like flat screen TVs and can even wipe the hard drive of laptops and computers! If you remove the items in the cold, allow them to sit for 48 hours in your heated home before plugging them in, to prevent plastic components from cracking.

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