Our Environmental Plan

Our Environmental Plan

Introducing The Hive & its Environmental Plan

At The Hive Self Storage, we are proud to be a family-run business that not only provides exceptional storage solutions but also prioritises environmental responsibility and sustainability.  We are dedicated to doing our part for the environment and have incorporated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into our operations.


We understand the importance of minimising our ecological footprint. That's why we have implemented a range of eco-friendly practices throughout our facility and are on target to be Carbon Neutral in the next 12 months. Key actions are;



  • We have invested in renewable energy sources to power our facility, reducing our reliance on traditional energy sources, and minimising our carbon emissions. 30kw of Solar Panels have been installed at our site in Retford and we are on course to produce 90% of our electricity usage. By harnessing the power of clean energy, we strive to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly storage solution for our customers.
  • We use Air Source heating and cooling in our office powered by our solar generated electricity, so we use no heating oil or gas.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting in our offices and units around the sites.
  • The 1.3 acres of Woodland at our Retford site absorbs Carbon from the atmosphere.
  • We have an electric vehicle in our small fleet.
  • We manage our woodland for wildlife benefit in accordance with advice we have taken from our neighbours (and customers) Notts Wildlife Trust including:
  • We have planted shrubs in the wood to give shelter and safety to small birds.
  • We have placed 20 nesting boxes around the woodland.
  • We have placed a number of bee houses around our site.
  • We have planted “Bee Bombs” on site spreading 21 different native seeds of nectar plants to feed the bees.
  • We give “Bee Bombs” to all new customers to encourage them to consider the Bees and care for them. #bringthebeesback
  • We regularly gather litter either blown onto our sites or dropped there and properly dispose of it rather than let it blow on to the next person.
  • We believe in empowering our customers to make sustainable choices. As we move towards more eco-friendly packing materials, energy-efficient storage practices, and offer tips for reducing waste.



  • We have supported many charities with discounted or free storage from local Scout Group through to the Notts First Responders to a group collecting supplies to take to Ukraine.
  • We have been a collection point for Bassetlaw Food Bank.
  • We collect donations through the extra sales from our Bee Bombs for a local Mental Health Charity the “Muddy Fork”.
  • We have sponsored local football charity events.
  • Two of our directors are Trustees of one of Retford’s oldest charities called Sloswicke’s Almshouse Charity and formed in 1658 it has 46 Almshouses in Retford available to people over 60 with Retford connection and with needs that the charity’s accommodation can relieve. The charity uses our offices for meetings.



  • We are members of the Self Storage Association (SSA UK) and The Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) using their forms of agreement and following their guidance to ensure we operate in a proper manner in accordance with best practice.
  • We use training from both organisations to make sure our team know what best practice is, what legal obligations we have and how to deliver excellent service.
  • We attend Industry conferences to increase our knowledge and understanding of the industry, to learn of emerging developments and to make sure we are up to date in providing the best possible service to our customers.



By choosing The Hive Self Storage, you are supporting a business that actively contributes to a greener future.


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